2020 Virtual Exhibition Guidelines

This year the Hamilton County Community Fair will hold a virtual exhibition for members of the 4-H program to display their various projects.  The virtual exhibition will debut on our website and Facebook page starting Wednesday, July 8. 


   - Videos must be submitted to board@hccfair.com by Friday, June 26.

   - Videos should be between 3 and 5 minutes long.

   - Members should talk about their project to provide viewers with information about       the project.  Members are to only say their first name and no other personal

     information, such as age, address, etc.

   - Members are to be dressed appropriately according to Fair rulebook for Livestock       Project videos and in business casual for General Project videos.

   - Livestock projects are to be groomed according to Fair rulebook for videos.

   - Livestock videos should be done as if member is in show ring and person filming         is the judge when moving, setting up, etc. animal. 

   - Have fun and be proud of the hard work you put into your project!


 Virtual Exhibition Examples

** These videos are just examples.

Members may not be dresses accordingly and animals are not groomed accordingly.

General Project Video Example

Horse Project Video Example

** This video example was made quickly without guidelines to provide an example.

Please do not include last name and age of member in video

Sheep Project Video Example

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