Hamilton County Community Jr. Fair Show Schedule

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Hamilton County Community Jr. Fair Registration

  • Registered 4-H members, Cloverbuds, Immediate Family Members** 6 years and older, and active Community Fair volunteers may purchase weekly fair admission for $15/person. Purchase of weekly admission also provides the individual with membership in the Hamilton County Community Fair Association and gives full voting rights to anyone over the age of 16.                                                     ** Immediate Family members refers to those residing in the same household as the participating 4-H youth.                    

  • Weekly fair admission/Association membership can be obtained by completing the form in Appendix B and submitting it with payment By June 1 of that year. Those who do not purchase weekly fair admission/Association membership by June 1, will be required to pay daily admission upon entering the fairgrounds.                              

  • Mail form and payment to:                                                        Hamilton County Community Fair Association               P.O. Box 764                                                                         Miamitown, OH 45041-0764 

  • All youth wishing to participate in the Hamilton County Community Fair must turn in Project Commitment Forms. These forms will declare what projects each youth is bringing to project judging and to the fair. These cards will be used to hire judges, prepare for project judging, and prepare for the fair. Project Commitment Forms are to be mailed to:                                                                                  

       Hamilton County Community Fair Association

       P.O. Box 764,

       Miamitown, OH 45041-0764                                                                      

  • Forms MUST be POSTMARKED by the 2nd Friday of May each year.


  • Project Commitment Forms can be found in Appendix A, online at the fair website, or can be obtained from your club advisor. These forms will also be emailed to registered families after the March 1st enrollment deadline.