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Hamilton County was very fortunate in that there were MANY youth who not only took Livestock projects, but also special interest projects. 
In 2015, we had 110 special interest projects that could have been judged.
Hamilton County 4-H youth representing Hamilton County 4-H
at the  2015 Ohio State Fair!

1. Angelina Bush - Sew Fun
2. Audrey Kimnach - Sundresses and Jumpers
3. Megan Allgeier - Dress Up - Formal Wear
4. Katie Olson - Get Started In Art
5. Hannah Petersman - Scrapbooking, Jr.
6. Lyndsey Roberto - Scrapbooking, Sr.
7. Eric Allgeier - My Favorite Things
8. Calin Petro - Cake Decorating
9. Sam Cagle - Magic of Electricity
10. Joey Moderbacher - Rope, Sr.
11. Alek Srode - Let's Bake Quick Breads
12. Calin Petro - Party Planner
13. Mary Claire Pavlick - Dashboard Dining
14. Kathleen Cagle - Fast Break for Breakfast
15. Morgan Godfrey - Sports Nutrition 1: On Your Mark!
16. Becky Mason - Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking
17. Beth Mason - Shooting Sports - Archery
18. Becky Mason - Shooting Sports - Living History
19. Alek Srode - Basic Archery
20. Beth Mason - Why Trees Matter
21. Madelyn Schneider - How Does Your Garden Grow?
22. Anaiah Weese - Canning and Freezing
23. Avery Slusher - Self-Determined - Maple Sugaring
24. Natalie Roell - Focus on Photography
25. Sumer Lehman - Self-Determined - Quilting
26. Abigail Cagle - From Airedales to Zebras (Vet Science 1)
27. Sarah Fessler - On The Cutting Edge (Vet Science 3)
28. Moriah Weese - Self Determined 
29. Brock Francis - Measuring Up 
30. Hunter Loring - Measuring Up
31. Eric Allgeier - Finishing Up
32. Brian Cagle - Get in the Act
33. Moriah Weese - Am I Ready For Work
34. Audrey Kimnach - Purr-Fect Pals
Special Interest County Award Winners

When a youth scores a 93 or above, but cannot attend the State Fair because his/her project does not qualify as a State Fair project, he/she is awarded a county award.  (In the family guide that is given out each year, each project lists whether or not it is a state fair qualifying project) 

This young lady received a County Award ribbon for herwork on the following projects:

1. Beth Mason - Vegetable Gardening for Backyard/Patios
During fair, exhibitors have the opportunity to compete for the Top Exhibitor Award in their respective Livestock, Food and Nutrition, or Sewing and Textile project.  Exhibitors must achieve a 75% overall combined score in the following areas: Project Interview, Project Educational Display, Class Placing, Showmanship Placing, and Skill-A-Thon.  We have been extremely fortunate that Caroline Hall Hennig/Nationwide Insurance Agency has sponsored this award (a plaque and a cash prize) for the past few years.
Caitlin Kelhoffer - Jr. Top
Austin Kordenbrock - Sr. Reserve
Brianna Kelhoffer - Sr. Top
Audrey Hartman - Jr. Reserve
Joanie Hammond - Jr. Top
Sarah Fessler - Sr. Reserve
Crissy Gallick - Sr. Top
Elly Motsinger - Jr. Reserve
Megan Sierra - Jr. Top
Mrianda Corbett - Sr. Reserve
Rosie Kemper - Sr. Top
Alex Dicke - Jr. Reserve
Rebecca Kelhoffer - Jr. Top
Jacob Kelhoffer - Sr. Reserve
Molly Paxton - Sr. Top
Anna Tumlin - Jr. Reserve
Joseph Roell - Jr. Top
Andrew Roell - Sr. Reserve
Logan Weber - Sr. Top
Avery Slusher - Jr. Reserve
Mary Claire Pavlick - Jr. Top
Calin Petro - Sr. Reserve
Natalie Pavlick - Sr. Top
Anaiah Weese - Jr. Reserve
Seth Tumlin - Jr. Top
Moriah Weese - Sr. Reserve
Sarah Fessler - Sr. Top
Danielle Hogan - Jr. Reserve
Robert Berting - Jr. Top
Sarah Fessler - Sr. Reserve
Morgan Zeiser - Sr. Top
Clothing and Textiles
Angelina Bush - Jr. Reserve
Kathleen Cagle - Jr. Top
Natalie Pavlick - Sr. Reserve
Megan Allgeier - Sr. Top
Food and Nutrition
Alek Srode - Jr. Reserve
Mary Claire Pavlick - Jr. Top
Calin Petro - Sr. Top


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