2020 Fair Rulebook and Appendices

Fair Rulebook​​
 Rulebook Appendix A - Project Commitment Forms & Class Listings
 Rulebook Appendix B - Community Fair Membership Form
 Rulebook Appendix C - Poster Guidlines
Rulebook Appendix D - List of Items
 Rulebook Appendix E - Livestock Sale Ad​​​​
 Rulebook Appendix F - 4-H Club Booth Guidelines 
 Rulebook Appendix G - Dog Project Forms
Rulebook Appendix H - 4-H Horse Program Paperwork 

4-H Large Market Animal Registration Forms

Feeder Calf Possession Registration

Market Beef Possession Registration
Market Goat Possession Registration​

Market Hog Possession Registration

Market Lamb Possession Registration​

4-H Project Commitment Online Forms

2020 Beef Project Commitment Form

2020 Dog Project Commitment Form

2020 General Project Commitment Form

2020 Goat Project Commitment Form

2020 Horse Project Commitment Form

2020 Llama/Alpaca Project Commitment Form

2020 Poultry Project Commitment Form

2020 Rabbit Project Commitment Form

2020 Sheep Project Commitment Form

2020 Swine Project Commitment Form

Specie Superintendent Contact Information

Have a question about your specie/show?  Contact your Superintendent!

Beef - Jym Quinlan - jym654@aol.com

Dogs - Cindy Capannari - gcCapi@yahoo.com

Goats - Erika Slusher - Erikaslusher@me.com

HorsesHeather Alden - heather_alden1978@yahoo.com

Hannah Capannari - capannarih@yahoo.com

Llama/Alpaca - Cindy Howard - kc8fdr@gmail.com 

Poultry - Kris Mason - orchidbiochem@aol.com

Rabbits -  Teresa Berting - teresaberting@gmail.com

Sheep - Debbie Roell - kdroell@fuse.net

Swine - Tim Dicke - tdicke@cinci.rr.com

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